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Lists for every user their own follower who were followed by themself (friendship system) and shows whether they are online.

Since version 2.0.0 RC 1 compatible with WoltLab Suite 3.0.

All versions of 1.X are only compatible with Burning Board 4.X.

All versions of 2.X are only compatible with WoltLab Suite 3.0.

All versions since 2.0.1 are compatible with WoltLab Suite 3.1.

This system is based on the mutual following of both users which create a connection between them. With this connection the status "friendship" is recognizable.

Know which friends are online

Just with one click you on the user panel you can see the current friends who are online. With one click on the avatar icon of your friend you can visit him directly on his profile. Aswell if you run with your mouse over the avatar icon you can see some information about your friend or enforce some user operations.

Get an overview with the friends list bar over your friends

Every single user is individually able to show or hide the friends list bar. If the bar was activated so it will be shown again if the website will be reloaded.

Having an overview: Show friends online and friends overview

On the site "friends online" you may see all friends who are online in an overview.
The site "friends" allows you to overview your whole friends list in an comfortable way.

Options: ACP -> System -> Options -> User -> Friends

(De-)activatable friends bar (since version 1.0.3)
3 Display options: Avatar, username oder avatar + username
Maximal amount of friends to display
Individuel timeout


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